Sales Process

Initial Consultation:

When you come into our showroom located in Tyrone, GA, you will be greeted by an deBeer Granite sales professional who can help you select a granite color and edge for your project. We start by looking at the dimensional drawings such as blueprints or cabinet drawings and elevations. Once the basic shapes are known, the edge detail is selected, and any custom cut outs are identified. Job site consultations are available, although typically not necessary. For fireplaces and other unique projects, we do recommend a job site consultation.

Bring Diagram:
Make sure to include the measurements for the lengths and widths of each section in your drawing. Do not worry about obtaining the exact measurements. Rounding numbers up to the nearest inch will be fine for estimation purposes. We will not use your measurements to cut or install your granite.

If you have recently purchased new cabinets, please bring all the associated diagrams you should have received at the time of that purchase.

We don’t need to go your home to do estimate for your granite counter tops. We may send an estimator to your place to measure, ONLY IF your project is for a shower, tub surround, jacuzzi tub, fireplace, or flooring.

Bring Samples:

Before coming to deBeer Granite, consider bringing along with you a section of your current or future cabinets (such as a drawer or cabinet door) to match with our extensive granite selection. You may also elect to bring a piece of flooring, paint sample, section of wallpaper or small tile that will be used in the same area you plan to install your new granite.

Get A Quote:

Provide the deBeer Granite representative with the sketch/diagram of the area you are looking to cover. Our representative will ask you a few brief questions and then come up with a quote reflecting your current layout. Each section of the quote will be thoroughly detailed and explained. We can turn around your quote as you browse through our store.

Pick Your Material:

Before signing any documents, you will be able to select the actual pieces that will be used in your project. The pieces you select will be the same pieces we install for you.

At this point, pricing is determined. Contracts are drafted and signed.
Once deBeer Granite is selected for the job, your material is delivered to the our fabrication facility, and a date is set for creating the template.

Once all the material has been selected and properly labeled, a representative will review your contract and answer any questions you might have. You will then get to schedule an install date for your material. In general, our lead time is about 1-2 weeks. Upon completion of all these steps, a 50% deposit will be taken.

All measurements are taken and a template is made at the job site. From there, the template is taken to the fabrication facility. Once at the facility, the template is laid out on the slab and is inspected for accuracy  before fabrication will begin.

Upon approval, fabrication begins. In general, the process takes 2 to 5 days depending on the size of the project, but plan on 10 working days from template creation to installation.

Installation typically occurs within 1 day of completed fabrication. During installation, a natural stone sealer is applied (Engineered stone does not require sealant). Faucet holes are drilled.

Wrapping It All Up:
Upon completion of the install, the remaining 50% balance will be due.